Product info.

Crown Molding Solutions foam crown moldings install with caulking and with Pre Cut corners you can finish a room in about an hour....No Kidding!

Advantages of Crown molding Solutions foam crown moldings are made of high density, white, smooth polystyrene. Our high density manufacturing process achieves a totally smooth surface. (no bead look) 

The flat back molding design is the first and only world wide. (patent pending design) Crown Molding Solutions moldings are 100% American made, NAFTA approved and recycleable. Our flat back, foam crown molding cost less than most wood crown moldings and polyurethane, urethane moldings. 

It is the most inexpensive , decorative crown molding that you will find today. It is very easy to install our flat back foam crown molding, by a beginner or a pro. No hammers, nails, screws, clip, clamps or fasteners are needed. No compound miter cutting needed. 

Cut molding in any position on most miter saws. The molding surface only requires one coat of water based latex paint. All moldings come in 95.5" lengths. 

Crown Molding Solutions foam crown molding adheres to most surfaces with a good quality painters caulk. Such as: painted walls, sheetrock, brick, block, glass, tile, marble, wood, granite, stucco, steel, vinyl, sheet metal aluminum, plastics, and concrete. Crown Molding Solutions foam crown moldings can be mounted to walls only , where there is no ceiling or when the room has a mechanical ceiling. 

It can also be dropped down and mounted on the wall only, to accomodate low voltage, low wattage indirect lighting. The open back design also allows for wires to be covered or installed behind the molding. (such as tv, speaker, intercom, etc.) 

Crown Molding Solutions also offers vaulted crown moldings that can be mounted to angled, cathedral, sloped or vaulted ceilings. These moldings also have a matching flat back moldings for walls with a flat ceiling. 

Our foam crown moldings can also work well in wet or damp areas. They can be installed outdoors as well when not subject to impact. 

Our foam crown moldings do not contract and expand like wood crown moldings. 

Our Crown Molding Solutions foam crown moldings allow you to have a one piece molding that would require multiple layers of wood molding. 

Application compliance: Crown Molding Solutions moldings comply with surface burning characteristics (ASTM E-84) and physical property (ASTM C-578) requirements of the U.S. model building codes. It also meets the UL 94 classification.